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The Remnant of Eden: In Between Worlds Information

Manuscript Details:
In Between Worlds
Book I of the series: The Remnant of Eden
Premise: Warring angels. Humanity in crossfire. The footstool of Heaven awaits.
Genre: Contemporary Fiction/Fantasy
Audience: Adult Men and Women
Word Count: 69,097
Marketing: In Between Worlds is the first book from the series, The Remnant of Eden. Book one will be followed by (tentative) titles The God Box, Borderlands, The Abyss, and This Side of Heaven.

Many people feel that angels have crossed their path at some point in their lives, but for thirty-something Grant McCormick, he’s about to get up close and personal with them. When he follows a woman, Anna, into the unseen realm of Eden, he finds himself inducted to work with her alongside angels. Grant is living a life he never dreamed possible until the plight of the fallen earth, and the fact that evil is free to run rampant in it, nearly becomes more than he can handle. It’ll take more than angelic intervention- including direct encounter with God- to help Grant find his way through.

Brief Description:

A former police officer turned private investigator, Grant McCormick is about to have his life turned on end. He’s just met a woman who believes her granddaughter has been marked for destruction. She’s asked him to help her track down an angel, which she believes she has photographs of, to help protect her granddaughter. Though he’s skeptical about her beliefs, Grant agrees to help. The subject of the photographs is revealed to be a flesh and blood woman, not an angel, and yet she leads Grant directly into the spiritual realm. Grant finds himself literally swallowed into the unseen world of Eden, which exists as a transitional land between Heaven and Earth. After witnessing an angelic battle unfold to prevent a tragedy on earth, Grant’s life is further revolutionized when he is offered the chance of a lifetime: To work side by side with the angels of God.  

Author Bio:
Saraiah Faith Gracie has her relationship with God grounded in the fact that he is the only Father she has ever known. Subsequently, she has been inspired to seek out as much as can be known, at least according to any earthly dweller, about the will and ways of God. Faith writes out of a desire to express and articulate the spiritual truths of God in a format which will be well received and easily understood by most: fiction; thereby making them practically applicable to the everyday lives of fiction readers and their friends and families. She has written two novels: Soulfinder and The Remnant of Eden; In Between Worlds. She is also a columnist for where her articles have been viewed by over 50,000 people. Her column is entitled, “Facets of Faith”.  

The Remnant of Eden: In Between Worlds by Author Saraiah Faith Gracie, Copyright 2010